Frequently Asked Questions

"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones."
~ John Maynard Keynes

Q: What Is Home Staging?

A: Home Staging is the art of neutralizing a home, by eliminating all potential distractions and drawing the focus to the features of the home instead. Home Staging allows you to market your home to the largest audience possible by maximizing your home’s potential. This can be as simple as reducing clutter and reorganizing the space, or as complex as bringing in all new furniture and accessories, or somewhere in between. Each home is unique and will require a different variety of services but all start with an initial consultation, providing a full home evaluation including notes for improvements and updates. We help to clearly define all areas of the home to eliminate those distractions that will keep buyers from seeing and remembering the great features of your house.

Q: Is Home Staging a way to fool the buyer?

A: Absolutely not! As a homeowner, you are still required to disclose any major flaws of the home that you are aware of. We will help you to identify and address any updates and repairs that the home may require prior to listing. As well, we will create a staging plan that will help to minimize some of the less appealing aspects of the home, while drawing the attention to the great features. An investment in home staging shows buyers that you take pride in your home.

Q: What is included in the Home Staging Consultation?

A: With the home staging consultation, you will receive a full home evaluation, including all notes regarding the suggested updates, repairs, furniture arrangements, paint colours, and decorating suggestions. The consultation generally takes approximately two hours to complete. In addition, BTSH will return prior to photographing for Finishing Touches™, to ensure that the photos show off the home at it's best (Finishing Touches service available for Premium or Executive Occupied Home Staging Consultation Packages only - click here for all occupied home staging consultation packages available).

Q: What happens after the consultation?

A: You will receive the full evaluation notes from the consultation immediately following. If you have requested pricing on further staging services or staging rental items, you will receive these within the next day or two unless otherwise advised. You may then decide if you wish to implement the suggestions yourself, or employ BTSH and/or BTSH Preferred Vendors to assist with preparing the house for sale. Once the necessary recommendations have been completed, BTSH may then return with any requested staging rentals and provide final photo preparation.

Q: Do I have to implement all of the recommendations provided?

A: You don’t have to do any of them! However, the more you complete, the better your chances of selling your home, faster and for the most money. We understand that some of the recommendations may not fit your timeframe and/or budget, but suggest that you aim for a minimum of 75% of all suggestions. You or your Real Estate agent have hired us to provide our expert opinion regarding the best way to showcase your home and we are therefore required to provide you with all of the information necessary for a successful sale. How much you choose to do is up to you, however most BTSH clients implement approximately 90% of our recommendations.

Q: What are "Finishing Touches"? 

A: “Finishing Touches™” is a no-charge* service offered by BTSH exclusively. With this, BTSH will return immediately prior to listing photographs to assist with final prep to ensure that the photos will show off all of your hard work! This service takes approximately 15 minutes and does not include full staging services but BTSH stagers will make some adjustments to prepare for photos, such as re-folding towels and ensuring that beds are made properly. If further staging services are required, finishing touches™ will be provided at the time of further staging. Please be sure to contact BTSH once photographs are scheduled to arrange this no-charge service.

*Applies to Premium and Executive Occupied Home Staging Consultation Packages only - click here for all occupied home staging consultation packages available.

Q: Will you return to review the work that we do?

We offer a "Pre-Listing Walk-through" for just this reason! With a pre-listing walk-through, we will return prior to the day of photos to review what has been done, what is left to do, and any follow-up questions that you might have. The service is approximately 1 hour and there is a small fee for this visit.

Q: Will you bring in all new furniture?

A: We aim to work with what a homeowner already has as much as possible, but also offer the largest home staging rental inventory in the region, consisting of quality furniture, artwork, linens, and accessories if these are required to achieve the best results. We understand that you need to live in your home - in our consultation, we will work with your daily routine and provide you with solutions to make the home selling process as painless as possible.

Q: Where do you rent your furniture?

A: In order to maintain quality control and maximum flexibility, BTSH never rents from third-party vendors. With the largest, top-quality home staging rental inventory available in the region, all furniture, artwork, linens, and accessories rented from BTSH are the property of Beyond The Stage Homes. This allows us flexibility with style, availability, rental period, and pricing.

Q: How do I know if I should rent?

A: Here are just a few examples of why to rent:

  • Have you removed personal photos from your walls? Avoid leaving the walls bare, and with exposed holes. Artwork rental pieces start as low as $15/piece.
  • Are you a minimalist? In order to provide a warm, welcoming home, we may wish to add some accessories and soft accent pieces to cozy up the home.
  • Do you have old, outdated furniture and/or décor? Give your home an instant update by renting the pieces you need to update the look of your home.
  • Do you have vacant rooms or bare spaces in your home? It’s always a good idea to show every room in your home fully furnished and decorated. This allows potential buyers to visualize the best use of space in each room. You can rent it all from BTSH - furniture, artwork, accessories and more!

Q: Why does Home Staging work?

A: Did you know that only 10% of people can visualize a space? By neutralizing the space and clearing out the clutter, potential buyers can better visualize themselves in your house. If your home is filled with personal items, clutter, and bold colours, buyers are often distracted and fail to see the potential of the space. Home staging is simply a tool that helps them to see this.

Q: What is Redesign?

A: Redesign uses the same techniques as home staging to help to freshen up your home. Working with what you have, redesign can mean breathing new life into a room, without the expense of a full makeover.

Q: Do you offer any other services?

A: BTSH offers a variety of services from home staging, to colour consultations, to decorating and design. For a full list of services and pricing, please visit the Home Staging or Design Services page.

Q: Why should I paint my home before I list it, if the new homeowner is just likely to change it?

A: This is probably the number one question that I get from my clients. I understand that it might seem like a waste if the new homeowner might just change it, but there are a few reasons why this makes sense to do:

  • If the colours you’ve chosen are bold, it will distract potential buyers from being able to see the potential of the rooms
  • A fresh, neutral paint means the new homeowner doesn’t have to paint right away, and gives the home that “move-in ready” look
  • It is one of the least expensive updates you can do to your home, with one of the greatest returns on your investment

Q: Why should I spend money on a house I am selling?

A: Your home is generally your biggest investment. Investing in home staging will help to maximize your return on this investment. A few dollars on home staging will go a long way by ensuring that you sell your home faster, and for more money. All statistics show that the investment in staging your home is always less than your first price reduction. Did you know that only 10% of buyers have the ability to visualize a space? This is just one of the reasons that home staging is so important in today’s real estate market. Buyers are looking for a “move-in ready” home and will pay more to get this. We are selling an experience, not just a home.

Q: Should I stage before listing my home?

A: Definitely. While it may sound cliché, you only get one chance to make a first impression. When your home is listed, you want to be sure that it is ready to show at it’s best, both in pictures and for showings.

Q: Why should I stage a vacant house? Doesn't the house look bigger when the rooms are empty?

A: Staging a vacant home helps to define the space for buyers. Each room has a purpose, and staging helps to clearly identify this to potential buyers. Empty rooms actually tend to look smaller, and can leave buyers questioning whether or not their own furniture will fit in these rooms. By setting up a room properly, not only can they see that the furniture fits but it will give them the ideal placement, as well as inspire them with the decorative touches. Check out this video to see how staging can transform your vacant home to a sold home.

Q: How much does home staging cost?

A: It varies depending on the how much or how little your home requires. A comprehensive consultation starts at $200. For more information on the services available, as well as pricing, see our Home Staging Services page.

Q: What if I don't like the staging items that you bring in?

A: Selection and placement of artwork, furniture, and accessories is at the discretion of BTSH and it may not be to your personal taste. While you may voice concerns with any selected items, BTSH shall have final say on this. You have hired us for our skills and expertise, and we will ensure that the staging items will be chosen and placed to best showcase your home. We all have the same goal in mind – to sell your house!

Q: My real estate agent says they can do the staging, so why should I spend any more money?

A: If your real estate agent is a qualified home stager that includes this service as a part of their fees, there may not be a need to hire an outside stager. However your realtor is busy listing and marketing your home, which is why most agents choose to work with a trained Home Stager, in order to allow each professional to focus on their areas of expertise.

Q: How do I choose a Home Stager?

A: Well, of course the easy answer is if you’re looking at this site, it’s safe to say you already found your Home Staging Professional! But if you’re still not sure, research your local stagers. Check out their portfolio and reviews. If you have hired a realtor, ask if they have a home stager that they prefer to work with. Most stagers offer similar pricing, and you should never base your decision on price. Remember that Home Staging is an investment, and saving a few dollars could mean several thousand on the return of your home. 

Q: Do you have trades workers/suppliers that you can suggest?

A: BTSH has found top professionals in your area to assist you with your needs in getting your property “sell-ready”. BTSH is happy to provide you with the contact information for any of these Preferred Vendors at no charge. BTSH will contact, schedule, and manage these on your behalf for an additional fee. You'll find many of these listed on our Preferred Vendors page.

Q: When/How do you get paid?

A: BTSH offers NET 15 terms for all services (excluding subcontractor or shopping services), however a down-payment may be required prior to the start of work for some projects. Our first priority is to get your house listing ready for buyers, and we understand the time and effort that may be involved with this. Offering these terms helps you to concentrate on the needs of your house first. Acceptable payment methods include cheque, money order, email money transfer, or credit card.

Q: Will BTSH be available when I need them to be?

A: BTSH strives to avoid over-booking in order to accommodate all of our clients needs. This is a full-time/full-service company with three qualified Home Stagers on staff, and we will do our best to meet your time-frame, budget, and needs, but thinking of home staging FIRST allows us the time necessary to address all of your home’s needs.

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